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Microsoft Redefines the PC at #CES2010 [VIDEO]
Jan 8, 2010 Aug 20, 2013

Microsoft had a series of products released at CES this year, one of which we showed you yesterday with XBox Live. Well that is just the beginning. Project Natal, one of the innovations that have working on for about 20 years takes gaming to a whole new level. If you thought it couldn't get any better than Wii you might want to check this video out:

Mediaroom 2.0 is also impressive. The partnership with AT&T Uvers brings TV to your PC and your mobile device without any additional hardware that needs to be purchased:

They also gave some insight on their strategy and their forecast for 2010. They'll be taking advantage of the Cloud more and making some strides on Natural User Interface:

They even did a spoof on "thanking" technology for all the things it allows us to do today. Trust me, you'll get a chuckle or two out of this: