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Tech Week in Review 8-28-09

Microsoft Beheads Black Man For Poland

Looks like Microsoft made a major error in judgement when they removed the head of a black man on a Polish marketing site and replaced it with a white guy’s. Not only that, but they didn’t even bother to Photoshop the hands to match. At first, I thought this was really racist of them, but it looks like there really aren’t that many black people in that region and they were just trying to match the marketing with the local demographic. Still, how sloppy and lazy of them to simply Photoshop the image. Now, TechCrunch has an excuse to kick off a meme.


Diddy Wants An Artist That Can Also Manage Their Own Brand

Diddy is not looking for just another talented artist on his new P. Diddy’s Starmaker show. He needs someone who understands the power of social media and brand management online. “The game has changed,” says Diddy:

“You have to understand how to be able to brand yourself,” he said. “Before, it was just at live shows, now you have to be able to do a great live show, you have to be able to do a great online interview, you need to have a great Facebook page, you have to have a great television performance.”

Even though Diddy catches a lot of flack and has a lot of haters, you can’t deny that the man knows what he’s talking about. (via BET.com News You Should Know, News.com.au, ht to Mashable)

Indeed Becomes The Most Popular Job Search Site

With the job market in the toilet, many job sites have seen an explosion in traffic. The one that has received the biggest boost and has ended up on top is Indeed.com. Not only is it getting a lot of page views, but it’s also getting a lot for search engine traffic. This is mostly centered around the actual jobs site, but it’s possible putting your resume on Indeed may ensure it gets more eyes on it. You really should have your resume up on as many job sites as possible so, if you’re not already on Indeed.com, get moving. (via TC)

4Chan Hacks Christian Dating Site

In one of the most hilarious hacks I’ve ever seen, 4Chan hacked a Christian dating site and used the password list to post some pretty “interesting” things on those users’ Facebook profiles. For full details and to view all the hilarious screen captures, go here. There are a few take-aways from this that we need to pay attention to:

  • Stop using the same password for all the sites you use. You’re just setting yourself up for an epic FAIL because any one of those sites being compromised opens up ALL of them to malicious activity.
  • Quit using simple passwords like your mom’s birthday and your kid’s name followed by their age. Use a password generator or at least something that isn’t directly tied to you. If you have no clue where to start, use PassPack.
  • Don’t mess with 4chan. They’ve been on quite a tear lately.

PassPack Auto-login 2.0 is Awesome

Speaking of Passpack, I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it has definitely made things easier for me. There were still some quirks on certain sites with the 1-Click login feature, but that’s all changed with Auto-login 2.0. Not only have they solved those issues, but they’ve added a much more advanced dialog for 1-click login as well as a few other features I’ve been praying for:

  • Double-click your button to get a full options pop-up
  • Add a passwords to Passpack from anywhere on the web
  • If all else fails, Copy/paste from the options pop-up
  • Find a broken link? Send feedback quickly from the options pop-up
  • Improved performance logging you into websites.
  • Multiple logins for one domain? No problem. Now has copy/paste too.
  • Improved training websites to login

They have also improved compatibility with Chrome (works fine in 4.0 here) and other browser versions. It also seems quite a bit snappier. Did you sign up for Passpack and never use it? Haven’t bothered to get on it yet, even though I told you about it last year? Now is the perfect time to make it right and avoid getting your Facebook hacked.



Rahsheen says:

Actually, I didn’t forget about it, but I didn’t want to stick it in this post.

Lynne d Johnson says:

You know what you’re missing in this week in review right? There’s no mention of McDonald’s 365black Web site.

Robin Caldwell says:

Isn’t Poland the nation that worships the Black Madonna?! Go figure. (sigh)

Guest says:

Smh @ Microsoft lol…

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