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A few months ago, I launched a fun little mash-up application called FricaFact. The basic premise being that I would tweet one fact about Africa every day. As I got busier setting up Appfrica Labs, I found it more and more difficult to sustain this as a hobby. Now that things are running more smoothly with the company, I wanted to make sure I found the time to bring it back online with a new podcast, tons of new @fricafacts and new ideas.

Fricafact isn’t really an application or a utility, it’s just meant to be a fun way for people who are interested, to learn about the African continent. One tweet at a time. Here’s some examples of past fricafacts…




When readers see facts that they like, we simply encourage them to retweet them, email them or simply just make a mental note for their own benefit. There’s so many misconceptions about Africa, hopefully this little web service can open up peoples minds and expose them to new ideas. If you’d like to submit your own facts, simply reply or direct message @fricafact on Twitter.

Fricafactoid is our new podcast where each week I take one fact or a post from the blog and share some thoughts about it. Unlike the other podcast Appfricast which is now often thirty minutes to an hour long, Fricafactoids will remain relatively short (between 2 and 5 minutes each). So spread the word, and help your friends and followers learn more about Africa with Fricafact!!


This is article is syndicated from facilitates, mentors and incubates entrepreneurs in software in East Africa and Uganda. Their goal is to offer a physical space with a solid internet connection, servers, software and computers that will allow students and recent graduates a place to develop their ideas in a constructive environment with industry professionals outside of school. For more great articles from Appfrica please visit

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