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Co-Founder of Uptown Dishes on Vibe Deal (part 3)
Aug 12, 2009 Aug 20, 2013

In this part of our interview with Brett Wright he talks about being a print purest.  He makes a point on not trying to make Vibe an affluent publication in its' rebirth while also stating:
"We would not have done if we couldn't have figured out how to do a print version.  We believe it is critical to the Vibe brand."
He also spoke about how Uptown and its' partners are cutting down the cost structure of distributing the printed publication.  When asked "What will happen to old subscribers, will they grandfather into the new issues?" He told us they didn't take on liability of subscribers but are working on ways to make sure paid subscribers of the magazine before it closed are happy.  Another company purchased the liability of the subscriptions, no word on who the buyer was.  Lastly, he also gives his personal take on the Freemium/Premium paid content model.

This is Part 3 in a series of 3.