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Google Reader Enhances Social Features
Jul 20, 2009 Aug 19, 2013

Just a few days ago, Google Reader launched a few features that make it just a little more social. Powered by Google Profiles, these new features make it easy to find like-minded people to engage with. It's also a lot simpler to share items. While Google Reader is probably one of the most popular RSS feed readers around, it has also been difficult or confusing to do certain things with it until now.
People Search
Subscribing people with shared items is dead simple with the new people search feature. It's easy to locate people by location, name, or even topic. Finding blogs and other content relevant to you or a specific topic you're passionate about just got a little easier.

I think it's cool that Google Reader is making itself more social and somewhat open. Hopefully, these features will benefit the community and help us find new things to read. My issue is with the blatant swagger jacking from FriendFeed. It seems like every service in some way copies features from FriendFeed, but FF never gets any credit for being ahead of the curve. It seems to me that social media is moving in a specific direction and, once we get there, FriendFeed will be wondering what took us so long.