Black Web 2.0 - Where Can Life Take You?
Jul 3, 2009 Aug 19, 2013 is a community website that launched earlier this month. The focus is on lifestyle and travel interests. It boasts high-quality content, combining the visual depth of television and video with the interactivity of the web.
"Voyage recognizes that lifestyle interests such as food, shopping or wellness are important in defining who we are, and also happen to be primary drivers of luxury travel purchase," said Michael McNabb, CEO of Voyage.'s tools and content support dreaming, learning, and sharing. Visualization is a huge factor in getting the things you want and Voyage makes it simple to mentally put yourself in fantastic destinations while providing you the options to make those dreams reality. The videos on the site range from interviews with local residents about the attractions available, to professionally done reviews of those attractions.

Not only can you select content from Voyage's huge catalog of over 20,000 High-Definition clips, but you are encouraged to create your own travel videos and content. Voyage provides public access to their library of full-motion clips in addition to a library of stock photos and plans to add music in the near future. The goal being to encourage community involvement and, by allowing users to help create the content, you ensure that there is content available that they want to watch.
"Every feature on the site is designed to help consumers explore what interests them, " said John Pasmore, President of Voyage. "For example, someone could go from viewing a spa program, to the video profile about that resort, to an article by a Resident Editor. Ultimately, that consumer may decide to take the final step and arrange their own getaway by booking it on our site."

It's obvious that quality was high on the list of priorities for the creators of Not only is the site nice to look at, but the video content is also on point. Unlike some other services that we wont name, it seems that Voyage also has their monetization strategy already locked in, making it simple for visitors to become customers. They also provide a list of 25 exclusive travel offers. If you're into travelling or you plan to be in the future, you should definitely make your next destination.