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Moguldom Media Group, more than just Gossip Blogs

If Moguldom Media Group doesn’t ring a bell but surely Bossip will.  Moguldom Media Group is the company behind such sites as Bossip, Lossip, F-Listed, MingXingYao, and LiveSteez(Editors Note: We covered the relaunch of LiveSteez just a few days ago.) The CEO Marve Frazier is the maverick at the helm of a ship that pulls in anywhere between 20-50 million pageviews monthly across its’ network of sites (Before I get to the nitty gritty I’ll answer the question that for some reason everyone seems concerned with.  Yes she is Black). Frazier clearly remembers starting the media company by bootstrapping its flagship site, Bossip, in 2006 “with an $8 domain name, and having to sacrifice and not pay myself for a long time,” Moguldom is still fully self-sufficient with no outside investment money to fund the business.  Just a short year after launching Bossip Frazier launched F-listed (a men’s site focused on Hollywood leading ladies), Lossip (Bossip’s Latino couterpart), and MingXingYao (Bossip and Lossip’s Chinese couterpart); and yet even another year after that Livesteez was launched.  While Moguldom was initially focused on diversifying their content model by culture, moving forward the company will be focusing more on sites that appeal to African-American’s and related culture.  Next month they’ll launch a new site focused on Hip-Hop culture called HipHopWired.com; soon after SteezMatch.com (a dating site) will follow.

With all that said, Frazier still shy’s away from being referred to as an entrepreneur. “I still don’t really feel like an entrepreneur…when you’re working, you’re just working and don’t realize how big it was and still I don’t.”  Prior to starting Bossip, she went to school for Biology but never wanted to pursue it, instead her dream was, and still is to be a voice over artist for cartoons. Her passion for the web started while working with her Dad to help him build his sports agency and “working with his computer stuff,” sending emails for him and doing research on the internet etc. That passion later morphed into running a media company and starting her day with headlines from TechCrunch, Alley Insider, and The Wall Street Journal. She admits that using technology as the platform for her business is a learning experience and everyone on staff learns something new everyday, they focus on constantly evolving with the technology as it evolves.

It will come as no surprise that Moguldom operates each site as it’s own company and has run into its’ own fair share of obstacles.  However, Frazier says “as an entrepreneur I just never got to the point where I ever wanted to give-up.” Though none of the other sites “took off” like Bossip, they all fair well with steady growth. Frazier makes a point to treat each site as her children and not compare their growth or progress to each other, yet still doing whatever she can to nurture and support each site within the family. Frazier willingly admits that launching application based sites are much more difficult to do in comparison to the content based offerings, though she takes the same general approach across the board developing a business plan and setting a budget. What quickly follows is finding and developing the right talent for the venture.

Moguldom currently has a total of 10 writers who contribute across their various properties, 2 of which report to their new office space Atlanta. Though the space has increased their overhead, according to Frazier it has dramatically improved their communication and has helped the business operate more efficiently.  Outside of launching new sites Frazier is also focused on “building company culture and core values” things that are often looked at last when building a company.

Surely you can see that Frazier is totally focused on growing her business, however in the business of Gossip one can easily become the subject. It is no secret that many Gossip blogs beef between one another, Frazier remembers having Bossip removed “off the black blogrolls” because their was speculation as to what ethnicity she actually was. Because of the nature of the business it is important for her company to “not get involved” she clearly stated “they don’t have beef with anyone” she goes on to give some sound advice for all bloggers:

“Think of your blog as a business and run it as a business or you will get stuck…run it [your site] as a business and you don’t have to worry about having beef.”

Frazier is looking forward to continuing to grow her media company and feels like their offering while Gossip, isn’t a dime a donzen.  In the near future in addition to launching SteezeMatch and HipHopWired you can also keep an eye out for a redesign of Bossip.

Updated Editor’s Note: Bossip.com was founded in April 2006, and Frazier joined 5 months later.  Moguldom Media Group is run by Marve Frazier and the founder who seeks to keep anonymity.



cococlause says:

well he real owner and creator wishes to remain anonymous. He prolly hired a black woman to give them the image they wanted. Still a hot ass mess site that needs a ho sit down. The way they depict black culture is shameful and totally disrespectful. bossip is not a good addition to the black cultural landscape.

raggatings says:

I was introduced to the bossip site about a year ago and although i find it addictive, i am ashamed at the despicable attitudes they use to portray our culture and high profile celebrities . My shame and indignation has increased tenfold on the realization that the architect of this site is a Black person. Shame on you….!

raggatings says:

I was introduced to the bossip site about a year ago and although i find it addictive, i am ashamed at the despicable attitudes they use to portray our culture and high profile celebrities . My shame and indignation has increased tenfold on the realization that the architect of this site is a Black person. Shame on you….!

Guest says:

Oh, if you only new the REAL truth. “Focused on ‘building company culture and core values’?” How laughable. The company has no structure and sets unrealistic goals in order not to pay their writers their bonuses. And then when those unrealistic goals are met, they restructure the bonus system all over again so as not to pay. Oh, did I mention wanting writers to work for for peanuts? Yeah, that too. Bossip only made it b/c they found a niche early in the online gossip boom. All they do is copy and paste other sources and finish their post with “SMH”. Lackluster, no creativity, and “liberals” who are worse to their employees than large corporations.

john says:

great story … i really like this site

Villager says:

Should I be adding all of the blogs you list in this post on the BBR? My only criteria is that the blog be Black-owned and Black-operated. Is that the case with each of the blogs you show above?

dedej says:

Great feature! I had the pleasuring of meeting Marve and she was very sweet and sharp. Congrats to Moguldom and their team 🙂 Also, I happy that the rumor of them not being black is put to rest.

ybpguide says:

Hat tip to her and all her endeavors, even if I can't really get into the gossip ish. Although, we all like our little 'did you hear about' stories every now and then. Great article!

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