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#apowerfulnoise Uses Twitter for Charity
Mar 2, 2009 Aug 19, 2013

If you are like me, you have been wondering "what can twitter do besides connect me to a copious amounts of social media experts". You may even be contemplating the value of the service vs. the time spent and wondering if it is worth your time or if it will ever produce anything amazingly useful/innovative/worth your time. If you are like me, today you will learn how influential and useful Twitter can be (and hopefully join in).

"A Powerful Noise", a documentary film presented by CARE and produced by Sheila C. Johnson, will be shown at a one night film event happening on March 5th. The film will follow with a town hall discussion. From the website:
A Powerful Noise” takes you inside the lives of three women from different countries to witness their daily efforts to fight HIV/AIDS, champion girls’ education and unite ethnically divided communities.
(click hear to get more info and buy tickets for the event)

In the mean time, they have started a grass roots social networking campaign, the most interesting part being a tweet-a-thon. Their sponsor, Fathom Events is donating $.10 for every tweet made with the hashtage #apowerfulnoise up to 50,000 tweets.

The tweet-a-thon is just one part of the online grass roots campaign for "A Powerful Noise". They have also created a widget and integrated with facebook to raise awareness for this event. To get more information on the other ways to spread the word about this campaign just go to this page. There is also a blog, if you want to read up on more information about the film and watch a few interviews. A great article about the event, Helping women, a tweet at a time, can be found at the Washington Times Website .

While writing this post more than $6 was raised with the tweet-a-thon. Please retweet or tweet with the hashtag #apowerfulnoise between now and March 5th to help out this great cause. It is also a great lead up to International Woman's Day, March 8, 2009.