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Tweetvisor Makes Twitter Nicer
Jan 27, 2009 Aug 19, 2013

Tweetvisor is yet another interface for Twitter. I know, you're tired of hearing about new Twitter applications and you can't imagine how any more of them could benefit you, but Tweetvisor has grown on me. I primarily use Twitter via the web. I don't need the overhead of an Adobe Air application like Tweetdeck or Twhirl. Also, if I switch computers or I'm at a restricted location (ie. work) I can still access Twitter as usual.
What does it do?
Tweetvisor gives you an overview of your relevant Twitter activity at a glance. Simply visit the website, log-in with your Twitter credentials, and you're all set. Replies to you appear in the left sidebar. Your Direct Messages show up on the right.
Hot Topics
You will also see a section labeled "Your Hot Topic" in the right sidebar. This allows you to keep track of certain search terms like #journchat, #blck or whatever you choose. To set your Hot Topic, simply submit a search and then click "Make Topic Hot".
Tweetvisor also gives you the ability to sort the people you follow into groups. As you view your Friends Timeline, you can set up tags for them by clicking "Tag" under their avatar and providing a word or two to help sort them (comma-separated). Each tag represents a group and you'll notice a drop-down right above the Friends Timeline that allows you to select which tag or group you'd like to view.

Those of you familiar with Tweetdeck will recognize this grouping feature. Not only can you tag and group your friends on-the-fly, but you can also manage your groups by visiting the Groups tab.
Conversation Threading
As you browse your time line, you will be able to see Tweets which were posted in reply to other Tweets. This gives you the ability to follow the entire conversation. Simply click "Show Conversation", and you can see all of the updates in the discussion. This will allow you to follow an exchange that you may not even be involved in.
Multiple Twitter Profiles
Tweetvisor makes it easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Many of us have a personal brand as well as a business brand. It is imperative, especially as a business, to engage your community and be responsive. With Tweetvisor, this is much easier.

There is a lot of potential here. As far as Twitter web interfaces go, I think Tweetvisor is definitely worth a look. It's still in beta and the developers are very responsive to user feedback. There are a couple of features I'll need implemented before I could use it primarily (it doesn't auto-refresh the main timeline), but even as I wrote this post, @tweetvisor fixed a bug that I pointed out.

If you're looking for a different way to tweet, check it out. Tell me what you think.