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4 Ways to Find News Relevant to You

Most blogs and websites seem to be geared towards technology, making money, and blogging. There is definitely a site out there that covers the things you want to read about (assuming I didn’t cover those things already), but how do you find it? We mostly rely on word-of-mouth to find the best sites. Google and Google Blog Search are hit-or-miss. Most of us have begun to discover new content via services like Twitter, Forums, and chat rooms. Here are 4 tools you can add to your arsenal in your quest for information.

Global Grind

We recently interviewed Global Grind CEO, Navarrow Wright and he shared this brief description of the service:

Global Grind had always been about giving the urban/ hiphop community a place to have a voice and a place to give creative professionals ( bloggers) a place to introduce their content to a larger audience.

Global Grind brings content from all around the web into one slick interface. Not only can you find what you’re looking for there, but you can also help the community by submitting content you find elsewhere. See an article you like? Go ahead and Grind It.


SocialMedian is a social news network. From their page, “Socialmedian enables you to easily keep up-to-date on the news that matters to you and to people who share your interests.” Just like any social site, the content you see will depend on who you choose to follow.

Not only can you find news by following people, but you can also join news networks. These are simply groups devoted to specific topics. For instance, SolaceTech has created an Urban Interests network and included a few popular blogs, such as Black Web 2.0 :). SocialMedian gets the bulk of it’s news via user submissions. If you find something you think others in the community should read, Clip It.


Thier tagline is, “A bite of the blogosphere’s best.” While the service is new, the idea behind it is solid. Regator has a team of editors that scours the web, looking for the best content. Once they find this content, they categorize it for you. For instance, their is an African American category and a Hip Hop & Rap category.

Regator Co-founder Scott Lockhart tells me that there will be an interface re-design in a week or so. Once that’s done, the site will be opening up for nominations so that you can make sure your favorite blogs are included. Regator HQ is right here in Atlanta, so if you have any issues, I could run down to their offices and give them a stern talking to…ok, not really. Watch the video tour, to see what’s really going on under the hood.


How could I write a post about finding information and not include FriendFeed? It’s my favorite social site. I like it better than Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace. Most people can’t get into it and think it’s full of geeks and tech stuff…which is somewhat true, but the community is growing more diverse daily. The FriendFeed search feature can help you find what you need.

Just recently, FriendFeed unveiled Room Search, which led me to a couple of rooms dedicated to people of color. Another new feature is the ability to share your FriendFeed items on Twitter. If you follow people on Twitter that are active on FriendFeed, expect to see an increase in Tweets.


Content creators, share your work with others whenever possible. People will never find your blog by accident. Even if you don’t create content, you can definitely share what you find using services like those mentioned here. We all have to be proactive if the black web is ever going to grow. This means going everywhere, as a community, even where our numbers may be small.



Solacetech says:

Great post Rah! I think it’s great that we have so many choices when it comes to online info.

Have you looked at the globalview section of globalgrind.com? It’s gives all of the sites alltop does and more.

Thanks for the info, I personally like alltop.com, it is like popurls on steroids!

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