Code Black Enterprises Launches Interactive Division

Ever hoped for a Black Hulu? Imagine being able to stream comedy acts like Steve Harvey’s Still Trippin or Katt Williams’ Pimp Chronicles to get you through a long day of work. Or maybe you’re, like me, not satisfied with the selection of Black Films offered online. Well look no further. The nations’ largest supplier of African-American films has just delved into the online market. Code Black Enterprises LLC, the first vertically integrated African-American owned entertainment company, announced the launch of Code Black Interactive, a comprehensive digital division catering to the urban consumer. Code Black Enterprises includes the nations’ largest supplier of African-American films, Code Black Entertainment.

Armed with a robust library of digital programming, Code Black Interactive through strategic distribution partnerships with YouTube, iTunes, XBOX360, Netflix, CinemaNow, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile and others, will instantly become a major player in online video distribution.
Founder and CEO of Code Black Enterprises, Jeff Clanagan, has appointed long-time partner and industry veteran Quincy C. Newell as President of Codeblack Interactive.

Our mission with Codeblack Interactive is to super-serve the vastly undeserved black film audience with a full scope of digital delivery to every available viewing device, from flat-screens to laptops to mobile phones,” explains Mr. Newell. “We will allow hundreds of millions of black consumers, both at home and abroad, to access quality African-American themed content in any way they choose, anywhere they choose and at whatever time they choose.

It’s not yet certain what Code Black’s business model is or if they will encounter some of the same problems Hulu has with theirs,  but one thing is for sure the market is wide open for this kind of play.



Mouton Noir says:

This is great and I will love to share my content!

Daryle Lockhart says:

This isn’t Black Hulu as much as it is Black Crackle, which is a great, great start. To be Black Hulu you need multiple content sources. The advertising will come, but you have to give people with 400 channels of cable a reason to watch a small screen.

I applaud this launch mainly because it’s addressing something people are actually checking for in the marketplace. CodeBlack’s titles are popular. It would have been easy for them to give this stuff to someone else to monetize. I applaud them for taking this on themselves.

vonnb says:

It could work. All they need is a strategic partnership with one of the many customizable white label media players that are out there or an ad network, or they could just use brightcove. Black content owners, agencies are notorious for being behind when it comes to interactive and digital. Quality content has never been a problem. Distribution for that content has. Sharing is essential.

Wow jousting in a comments section. @ Markus @ Jayreds but isn’t that what the internet is about. Niches? And for businesses to build in niche verticals?

Also if you look at it from a target marketing aspect. They automaically know the demographic and Code Black can monetize the hell out of it. Selling Digital downloads, Direct advertising and a subscription services I can think right off the bat.

They can kill in that market if the do right. Hell makes me want to do it. Hummm.

Jayreds says:


Looking at it from that angle is interesting. You make two very valid points.

I concede.

Markus says:

@Jayreds, Regardless of what you think about BET’s current programming, you must admit that a television station created for the Black Demographic was pretty innovative, especially in the 1980s. I think Code Black’s online distribution platform puts them in a similar place.

I think we can both agree that being a “Black Hulu” isn’t a bad thing, the problem is if its a bad Black Hulu. Being black alone won’t cut it!

Jayreds says:


I’m all for the betterment of blacks in media, especially since so few are making inroads. When it comes to broadcast media, we have to put quality programming first. Let’s keep it real, BET has never been known for producing innovative shows, only black show. This history of slacking has caused the black audience to become jaded and capricious.

My mother always tells me to be more political and stop thinking in the definitive. I just wish I could have gotten that message to Code Black Enterprises, LLC.

And yes, Spike is the man.

Markus says:

I think just like anyone else, Black people want choices, and if you take a long hard look at the on demand internet video targeting African-American people, then you will notice that they’re aren’t that many choices.

The reason I believe companies like these are created, and will eventually be successful (if executed right)are because minority audiences for the most part are still largely under served in most of these spaces. So that leaves us with 2 choices; 1) Wait on mainstream to target this audience, or 2) create businesses that fulfills this need. The same premise that that led to the successful creation of other niche business Johnson Publishing, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, and BET Networks, just to name a few.

I have trouble seeing it as companies “limiting themselves”, instead I see it as companies taking advantage of an opportunity to fulfill a need. The first and most important step when creating a good business.

Jayreds says:

A major strategic fallacy with urban centric websites such as the “black hulu” is that they are circumscribed to a minority audience that is notoriously disloyal. Other sites like Hulu can always diversify and expand their content to encompass an urban audience. We have to learn how not to limit ourselves and keep our options open. It’s interesting when you think about it. Blacks will watch every channel and all types of programming. Other races, however, seldom venture to these urban only networks.

I just don’t know.

Jazzy says:

I need the ability to embedd!

gem2001 says:

not to mention fredric that all of these video sites have got to figure out what they are going to do as broadband providers start limiting bandwidth. whoever figures out how to compress video files and automatically unzip them on the desktop mimicing a YouTube like experience will be the next dotcom billionaire

Markus says:

@MissMe Not sure of the release date yet, but I will be sure post something as soon as I know.
@Frederic I don’t believe Code Black’s web page, at least in its current form, is going to be used to distribute content. It seems like Code Black is geared more towards their strategic partnerships to source the majority of their content, though I do believe there’s some validity to your suggestions.

Interesting site.

A few things…

None of the clips are embeddable (Share and share alike…please)

Some of the videos on the homepage don’t have opt-in play buttons. It just plays. That is a big usability no-no.

Hate to be critical, but I like the idea! Maybe improve the content distribution and presentation…

MissMe says:

i like their videos. this is a solid idea. when does it start?

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