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Dropbox: Simple Online Storage

DropboxI just received my Dropbox beta invite, and already contemplating getting rid of some of my external storage devices. Dropbox is an Amazon S3 based online storage solution that allows users to seamlessly store your files in “the cloud” making them accessible from any location. Dropbox comes with a Python-based desktop client for both Mac and Windows, that creates and links shared folders from your computer to your online Dropbox. The application creates a folder on your computer called “My Dropbox”. Once files from you desktop are placed in the “My Dropbox” folder, they are instantly synced to your online Dropbox or any desktop computer with the client installed.

Dropbox is full of features, including the ability to create and shared folders with friends and family. Just simply create a folder in your “My Dropbox” folder on your desktop computer, right-click or control click on the folder go to the “Dropbox” sub-menu and select share. The Dropbox application then allows you to add collaborators, that will be automatically synced with your shared folder.

Dropbox is also equipped with version control, which allows users to revert back to an earlier version of a document, and allows you to restore documents if they are accidentally deleted.

For more information check out the screencast.



William says:

love to get an invite


Markus says:

Looks like i have some invites. Use the contact form and I will email you the information.

Kevin says:


I Would absolutely love an Invite for Dropbox!!!

Thanks in advance

Markus says:

I am working on getting some beta invites for everybody.

David says:

Please send me an invite to Dropbox if you have one!!!

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