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Apr 24, 2008 Aug 19, 2013

It seemed as if the only way to get your face/content on the Tube was to either live in Los Angeles, join the cast of a reality TV show, or know someone in the industry, but as the popularity of online video increases (up 66% over last year according to ComScore) the more people are opting to forgo conventional methods, and creating an online viewership. This phenomenon has become especially important in the black community where TV and Film executives are still having difficulty funding black content, despite that fact that Mara Brock Akil, John Singleton, Spike Lee, Tyler Perry and many others have proven and continue to prove that there is a market and demand for it. Now today's aspiring black video producers can bypass the network executive approval process with tools and video distribution platforms at their disposal. Producers have complete creative freedom, allowing the success of their content to be determine by the people instead of executives.

Here are just a few people making waves using video distribution platforms.
Andre Meadow, the self proclaimed “Black Nerd” is just one of many Youtube members leveraging the platform to enhance his careers and express his ideas to the masses. With over 2,000 subscribers since the inception of his You Tube channel, this stand-up comedian is really extending his “black nerd comedy brand”. Andre’s channel has been ranked as high as the 28 most viewed comedy channels, and has had videos displayed on both Revver and the You Tube’s spotlight comedy section. Andre’s most popular video “Buy Mii a Wii”, a spoof of T-Pain's "Buy you a Drink", has received over 143,000 in only 6 months.
Andre’s newest project is an online series called "Soul and Son" on the Comedy Time Network. Written and starring Andre, "Soul and Son" is about Donovan Soul a 70’s crime fighter working to take down his arch nemesis, “Colonel Whitebread”.
Love B. Scott is flamboyant high energy celebrity entertainment blogger residing in California. B Scott’s mission is to revolutionize celebrity blogging and to take over Hollywood and beyond, and he is well on his way. By partnering with You Tube, B Scott has created one of the fastest growing celebrity news and entertainment websites, with well over one million unique monthly visitors. B Scott’s You Tube Channel currently have over 17,000 subscribers quickly becoming one of the most subscribed to channels on You Tube; and get this, the channel is not even a year old (as of the date of this post). B Scott has also been featured on celebrity blog such as Concrete Loop and Media Take Out.
Ill Doctrine is a hip-hop social commentary video blog hosted by Jay Smooth creator of the hip hop music blog and founder of New York's longest running hip-hop radio. A great combination of insightful commentary, exclusive interviews and music, and top notch editing, its no wonder that Ill Doctrine has been featured in Wired Magazine, and in 2007 won "Best Video Blog" at the Black Weblog Awards. One of Jay's most recent videos, "Soulja Boy Presidential Debate Remix", was picked up by Fox News and as of the date of this post Jay's channel is the 58th most viewed this week.
I could not get to all of them great video blogs, but feel free to suggest some.
Amani Channel's - My Urban Report - You Tube Channel
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I could not get everyone of them, so feel free to share.