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Hip-Hop 2.0: Notorious Blog
Mar 20, 2008 Aug 19, 2013

Wayne Barrow, Producer of the film NOTORIOUS, has started a blog at the Fox Searchlight site to document the making of the movie about your favorite rapper the Notorious B.I.G (aka Biggie) <nĂŠe Christopher Wallace>. Barrow and his partner, Mark Pitts, managed B.I.G throughout his career and have helped Ms. Wallace build the legacy of her son over the years.

Barrow used the site to break the announcement that Jamal Woolard, a Brooklyn rapper known as Gravy, was being cast in the role of B.I.G. The blog also promoted Woolard's photo in character as B.I.G. (pictured above). Just last year, Woolard was shot outside of New York's Hot 97, and his music was later banned from the station by Funkmaster Flex.

It'll be exciting to watch the blog and learn about Woolard's transformation into the legendary Brooklyn rapper B.I.G. If nothing else, at least he lives and looks the part.

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