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Mix08 Day 1
Mar 7, 2008 Aug 19, 2013

MIX08 got off with a BIG BANG today with what looked like a full house (roughly 900-1200 people in the keynote). Ray Ozzie kicked off the event and shared his vision for how Web developers and designers can deliver seamless rich media experiences across web applications, rich desktop clients and mobile devices with the HUB strategy.

Ray raved about the way the Web is transforming the company's products, with all of its software going through "reconceptualization” to embrace this world of web services." The goal, he said, is "symmetry" between software used on site, software as a service and software in the cloud. To support its Web-based services, Ozzie said, the company is counting on ads and will "use the resources we have to ensure there is a vibrant advertising ecosystem." "If you wonder why we're so interested in Yahoo and its creative people and properties," he said, "I hope this makes it a little bit clearer."
Even AOL got to show off some code today, the company showed developers and the press a pretty slick mail client using Silverlight, personally, I was not that impressed, but web based email in an AJAX style interface would be a compelling offer to the consumer. You can sign up to get access and test this new webmail client by visiting
Microsoft new Web slices technology really struck a nerve with me personally, the ability to take small bits of relative information, and create a rich bookmark with only this info was very impressive.
Hard Rock Café is re launching the site with Microsoft Silverlight and deep ZOOM technology. The company has digitized and published it’s thousands of exclusive music memorabilia. You can checkout this great Silverlight implementation at

Scott Guthrie took the strategic discussion to the next level with outlining the company’s strategy with Silverlight, and some of the super cool features that bridge the developer/designer workflow and provide a common development model, making it easier to deliver richer, more interactive Web experiences with the Expression suite and Silverlight. One feature I especially like is the on the fly bandwidth optimization brought to the table by partner MOVE NETWORKS, now that’s REAL TALK! Anyone in the game knows that packet lost and buffering can ruin a user’s experience, and a brand can loose value perception very quickly with lousy media delivery. You can learn more about Silverlight, and download some source code at:
The long list of development partners for this launch included Blue Monitor Systems, Weather Bug, including AOL, Aston Martin, Cirque du Soleil, Double Click, Hard Rock, Move Networks and on MSN.
Catch-up on the sessions at
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